Backpack / No. 8

Backpack / No. 8

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Made with vintage woven textiles and the highest quality leather from Guatemala. The backpack features a front pocket, two side pouches, a back pocket with zipper closure and adjustable straps. The inside of the bag is lined with more Guatemalan textile and has various pockets to store your daily essentials. 

Every bag is it's very own. No two bags are the same, making yours one of a kind. 

Use for everyday, travel or house all your baby care needs. 

The story behind your backpack : 

We are two women who met doing something we really care about, connecting people with resources within themselves and community to bring about change and a healthy lifestyle. For different reasons, we left a career that we loved to brave the world to venture along a different path. Now living in two different countries and living two completely different lives and lifestyles, we have come together to create a backpack that represents our personal journey of change connection. Bloom + Tesoros de Atitlan is a collaboration that is about connection and empowering those within our communities. Your purchase helps support families in Guatemala.